Sunday, 8 July 2007

Theoretical Girl Interview

So I interviewed Amy Frolic again. This time in the Good Mixer in Camden over a bumch of drinks. Turns out Amy is super cool and likes good music. I hope she does ok. This was the Blog.

Theoretical Girl Probably Hasn’t Heard Of Your Band

So we were down at The Old Blue at the last People Are Germs night and there was this really cute girl on stage all alone making a load of noise and singing songs that sounded like the ghost of Gram Parsons fronting DNA but coming out of a hot girls body. Added bonus eh? We caught up with Amy Frolic in Camden after she had finished work and she matched us pint for pint.

So what’s with the name? Are you big into Glenn Branca or something?

Not at all, so many people ask me that. I am not into the band Theoretical Girls. It was just a name that my friend gave me to play my first gig with and I’ve just never bothered coming up with anything else. I suppose it sort of refers to how I analyse everything. Also maybe my approach to how I make my music.

How does your live show work? It’s just you up on stage but there are loads of sounds.

I come up with bass lines and drum parts and any other noises and program them into an old 8-Track then burn them down onto CD and Polly my CD player plays them out for me. I sing and play guitar over them. I’m not really into technology, keeping it simple helps me focus on the song. Sometimes now I play with other people but it’s hard finding people that are happy to just do what I tell them. My CD player can’t argue with me.

You’ve appeared on hipster compilations like Alt Deletes Digital Penetration and Angular’s Future Love Songs but you don’t sound anything like any of the other dudes on them. How come?

Well I live alone, in a draughty loft apartment in Muswell Hill, It’s pretty desolate and I just write. I also haven’t really listened to any modern music in about a year and a half. Just my Mum’s old records, stark classical stuff like Bartok and Purcell with a bit of Joni and Neil Young thrown in to stop myself getting utterly depressed.

You’re no Beth Ditto, you look hot on stage. How do you think that figures in the way people react to your songs?

Err; I think I look like a twat. I just have a few glasses of wine and hopefully not get too nervous and just play. Some girls really milk the image thing but I’m totally not into that, it’s just no concern. They can do what they want but you know, whatever. It’s an interesting time for female solo artists though, look at the Brits, only one out and out pop act in Jamelia and a load of girls on their own doing interesting things like Winehouse and Lilly Allen. I’m not really into their music but I’d far prefer to tour with them than any fucking Shoreditch bands.

We got in trouble the other week for asking Fall Out Boy on a scale of 1 to 10 how into anal sex they were. Where do you stand on that issue?

I’m not going to answer that. My mum might be reading this.

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