Sunday, 8 July 2007

Headless Interview

Here is an another interview for that Vice/Fly53 promo booklet.


Headless are four girls who used to hang out in London and liked the idea of being a band. So they started one. Their Myspace references bands like the Banshee’s and Kyuss but listening to latest single Sway their unhinged, intuitive riff driven rock goes beyond pinching from bands they like to create something actually exciting. We met up with the girls in a Morrocan cafĂ© in Covent Garden where they were nursing post ATP hangovers with mint tea.

VICE: Hello, did you enjoy ATP?
Nell: It was wicked, I watched a Black Witchery live show on the TV channel thing and went on the water slides.
Clare: I got in a fight with Buzz Osbourne but I don’t want to talk about it.

VICE: If you could curate your own festival who would you book?
Chrissie: Us, my side project, Mudhoney, maybe Dino Jr, resurrect Tad and have Electric Wizard headline.

VICE: I think I would go to that. Do you guys adhere to the Electric Wizard school of songwriting?
Chrissie: Well, I like to take mushrooms and read about things that are challenging like Manson and the Family and serial killers but in terms of the actual songs I’m usually pretty straight. I’ll come up with an idea, hear a riff or some space in a song that’ll inspire me and then go to Nell and Clare for bass and drum parts.
Clare: We work on the songs together but you’ve got to remember though that we played our first gig with practically no songs.

VICE: Really, how did that work out for you?
Clare: Well, me and Chrissie had decided we liked the idea of being in a band so we had sort of been mentioning to people that we were in a band despite not really having done anything productive.
Chrissie: We knew the people who ran Club Motherfucker though and they liked the idea so gave us a show. Our first practice was our first show! After about two and a half songs we just screamed and jumped off stage. The crowd loved it though.
Nell: After that we began to practice like crazy as we’d all loved it. We just practiced and played out all the time. There’s so many venues and promoters in London that you can play like every night of the year and just from going out all the time before we were ever a band a lot of the promoters were friends who were willing to put us on.

VICE: How’s things outside of London?
Chrissie: We did the whole Test-Icicles tour which was really cool and we’ve played with loads of bands we love: Trencher, Comanechi, ugh…too many to mention!
Nell: We’d love to go to U.S. though….
Clare: We’ve got another single due out on White Heat in the New Year then a big UK tour around then so a load more shows outside of London, then maybe an album, we’ve got the songs we just need someone who can do it right.
Chrissie: Yeah, we don’t want anyone to fuck it up.

VICE: Then maybe that festival?

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