Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Cribs Interview

Remember I talked to the Cribs guys a few posts below? Well their video got banned from MTV so I interviewed them agin to see what they thought about that for the blog.

So, what happened with MTV and this video?

I don’t know. I just got an e-mail this morning informing me of the fact it was banned. It’s insane. Apparently Ofcom got one complaint. One fucking complaint. I just don’t get people sometimes.

The video features decapitation. Do you think the person that complained knew someone that had been decapitated?

Yeah mate. Have you even seen it? We did it really tacky on purpose. No one could possibly think that was realistic. The person that complained was either like some super conservative angry person or just some snake in the grass industry insider.

Woah, a conspiracy theory!

Sure man. Could be.

There is also a really hot girl in the video who is naked. Who is she?

She was some model from LA. We’d never met her before the shoot.

Was she always meant to be naked or did you just add that idea in when you saw how hot she was?

No she was always gonna be naked. But we put the black bars over her bits cos that’s the point of the video. She’s all over us but we don’t care so she goes to extremes to get our attention. Like chopping her arm off.

That is pretty extreme, like Shaun of The Dead meets that Robbie Williams video.

Nah it was all Dianne who directed the video. It was her idea. The very original version had the girl totally naked but the one we sent to MTV had the bars so the ban was just down to the violence. Sex is fine but no violence. Bullshit mate.

What are you gonna do now about getting it shown on MTV, surely that is pretty important?

I don’t really care.

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