Sunday, 8 July 2007

Fall Out Boy Interview

Here is an interview I did with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. This caused a big fuss when it went out on the Blog. The bands management made us take it down. I seriously doubt anyone is ever actually going to read this blog so I feel pretty OK about putting it up here. Great.

Fall Out Boy Love Anal Sex

So I was feeling really sick and was laid up in bed with a fever and stuff and I got a call asking if I could go interview Fall Out Boy at their swanky Kensington Hotel. It seemed like too much fun too pass up. I got there at 9pm as appointed and was met by a really nice press officer in the reception where there were loads of tour lackey’s and hangers on loafing round and told we had the last interview slot of the day. It also became apparent that it would be singer/bassist Pete Wentz on his own as doing interviews with the whole band was “unwieldy”. OK. It was also made clear that Pete had had a long day. To this end I decided to go for a quick fire 20 questions approach to try and get some stuff the dude from MTV2 with the six strong entourage and video camera that had the slot before me probably wouldn’t. I had a Polaroid camera and a temperature.

Vice: Hey Pete, ready?
Pete: Sure.

Vice: On a scale of one to ten how much do you enjoy anal sex?
Pete: (without hesitating) Ten.

Vice: Staying with that what is your worst ever sexual experience?
Pete: When I was about 16 I had this girlfriend who wouldn’t let me get past like first base so I used to just dry hump her to try and get her into it but she wasn’t having it. I went at it so hard that I rubbed all the skin off my dick and balls. It was raw man…

Vice: Wow. What is your favourite Vice? Other than anal bashing and dry humping.
Pete: Sloth. Just lying around. Doing nothing.

Vice: Have you ever had a fight with your Mum?
Pete: A physical fight! Nah man! Well, she once ground me for all of Spring Break. That one almost came to blows I suppose.

Vice: Ever been in a fistfight?
Pete: Sure. I usually loose but the other night over in Europe somewhere this bouncer guy smacked one of our stage crew and I had at him man. I dropped him, it was cool.

Vice: Any other good tour stories?
Pete: Err; you know the usual, nakedness, beer.

Vice: Cam on you’ve sold like 36 million records. Specifics. Like you wanted your Coke died black or something.
Pete: Err, well the other night we got back to the hotel and I had a lady friend back with me.

Vice: Anal?
Pete: No no! I was a little drunk and had taken a few downers to get me to sleep and we’d ordered a load of room service that just didn’t turn up so I went down to the kitchen to try and see whet the deal was and got really lost. I made my way back to the room somehow and was knocking on the door but no one answered. I got kinda mad and started kicking the door down cos I thought the chick was like robbing me or something and all of a sudden her head pops out of the door opposite and she’s like freaking out going: ‘ah, you’ve just kicked down 602, we’re 603’.

Vice: I was gonna ask when you last disgraced yourself but that should cover it. Right, Frankenband?
Pete: Cool, err. Bonham on Drums, maybe me on bass and then Robert Smith and Morrisey on guitar and vocals, can you imagine that combo! It would totally implode!

Vice: Who is the most successful person you know.
Pete: Jay Z

Vice: You know Jay Z?
Pete: Sure, I mean we don’t go to sleepovers together but if we’re both in town we’ll catch dinner or something.

Vice: Cool, finally, over here Emo as a genre has come to be typified by yourselves and bands like My Chemical Romance. How do you feel about the tag. To me Emo is bands like Moss Icon, Heroin and Christie Front Drive.
Pete: Sure, exactly. I mean I grew up on Rites Of Spring, Cap N Jazz, all that. My first band just used to rip off Fugazi but now we do what we do and whatever the music press feels like calling it that’s up to them.

Vice: Thank you very much Pete, it’s been cool to hang out.

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