Sunday, 8 July 2007

Comanechi Interview

Another Vice/Fly53 promo booklet interview.


Comanechi play straight up party music. Their live show is sweaty, raw and confrontational and The Gossip love ‘em so much they took them on their recent UK tour. We met up with Akiko who plays drums and sings in the band who is also really excited and happy all the time.

So, how was the tour with The Gossip then?
It was amazing! We were playing sold out venues all over the place, outside of London! We got on really with them, I was promoted to tour fun manager, so I had to make sure there was always a party to go to after the show!

Your live shows tend to have a real party atmosphere, is the live element what you enjoy most about playing in the band?
Well, I love playing live and we always want to challenge the crowd. We don’t want them to forget a show of ours after they leave! But I enjoy everything about being in a band, playing live, recording, collaborating, doing artwork.

You like keeping busy?
Yes, as well as doing Comanechi I play in Pre and we’re talking about doing a band with the guys from Trencher, I think I’ll play keyboard in that. All the records we’ve had out on White Heat I’ve created artwork for and we have a forthcoming split with Crystal Castles on Blood Of The Drash which I’m doing a cover for. I also freelance for graphic design companies and have done a limited line of t-shirts for 679.

Would you say your art background has had an influence on the sound and image of the band?
Yes, yes! Definitely. I see an affinity with current bands like Les Georges Leningrad or Aids Wolf but we are far more influenced in our approach and creative processes by artists than other musicians or bands. People like John Waters, Richard Kern or Kayoi Kusama, I love him, you should check out his dots, they are amazing!

What does the future hold for Comanechi?
Getting out of Dalston! Touring Europe and maybe the U.S.A. The Gossip said they’d love to play with us over there, That would be cool. Just playing and recording and creating, it’s all exciting for me!

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