Sunday, 8 July 2007

Chromeo Press Release

Here is a press release I had to knock up for the band Chromeo's Fancy Footwork single.

‘Fancy Footwork’

Hey there,

If you are reading this it’s because you are someone that matters. Well done.

Remember Chromeo? They did that Needy Girl record Thought you’d remember… Dicovered by Tiga and loved by everyone from Whitey to Philip Zdar to the DFA, ‘Fancy Footwork’ is a reminder of the pure joy at the center of a Chromeo record. They are still doing their thing: fusing 80’s Mineapolis funk, Rick James, Hall and Oates and Hip Hop but this time the mainstream has caught up with it being OK for indie and dance to make out. Back Yard Recordings, home of The Gossip, is putting out this limited 10” and their second album in July. With contrinutions from Tomas Barfod (Get Phsical/WhoMadeWho), Guns ‘N’ Bombs (Kitsune), Surkin (Institubes) and D.I.M. this is basically shaping up to be the record of the year already. If that line-up sounds heavy on the Parisian cross-over, remember that Dave 1 is finishing his PhD in French Literature in Paris right now and Chromeo are pushing buttons there. For those still wondering what their whole deal is and whether it was all just a clever-clever parody, relax and just enjoy Chromeo’s C Funk this time round. Trust us…
National Press: Seb Burford : email or call 020 7428 0933

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