Sunday, 8 July 2007

Kurt Vonnegut Obituary

An Obit I did for Kurt Vonnegut for the Blog.

So it goes-R.I.P Kurt Vonnegut

And so another American hero passes. Vonnegut’s brave, time-skewed, masterpiece, Slaughterhouse Five, has been one of the defining texts of the last half century. His tale of the life of Billy Pilgrim was based on his own experiences being captured behind enemy lines in Dresden fighting for his country in WWII. While imprisoned in the abbatoir of the novel’s title he witnessed first hand the firebombing of Dresden and was forced to aid the Nazi’s in disposing of the dead in mass graves and watch while bodies were incinerated with flame-throwers. His work incorporated elements of his own experience with science fiction and post-modern techniques such as his appearance within his own fiction that dudes like Martin Amis steal to this day. He will be missed.

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