Sunday, 8 July 2007

Micahel Runion Press Release

Does writing this make me an evil person? Probably.

Michael Runion’s career has been dedicated to making the music he believes in: heartfelt songs filled with truth and melody. As a constant figure in the bands that surround the Rilo Kiley collective including Jenny Lewis’s solo projects and Sub Pop signed indie power pop four-piece The Elected he has helped mine a vein of authentic American songwriting playing bass, steel guitar, guitar and supplying vocals.

His solo work seeks to display his own unique voice while remaining informed by the music and musicians that Michael has continued to surround himself with. The familiar Saddle Creek sound that lends an air of modernist melody and pop sensibility to classic song structure is present but in Runion’s delivery, turn of phrase and day to day observation there is more Willy Vaultin or Howe Gelb than Connor Oberest or Willy Mason while the echoes of Townes Van Zandt and The Band’s Levon Helm that he brazenly displays as influences on his Myspace page are clear.

While he continues to share stages with like-minded outfits such as friends Whispertown2000 across the USA this trip to the UK represents an opportunity to experience Runion at his intimate and most potent alone with his guitar.

Tracks from the self released ‘Early Grave’ EP as well as the video for the single ‘Drunk As I’ve Ever Been’ can be accessed on Michael’s Myspace page [] and he will be appearing at the following dates in London and the South East including a top secret House Show on March the second and a gig at legendry London folk venue the Troubadour:

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