Sunday, 8 July 2007

Musicians Visa Feature

A Blog post on regarding the hike in cost of musicians visas.

Visa takes life?

Visas sure can be a pain in the ass eh? All that queueing and waiting and form filling and that’s just to go and sit on a beach somewhere and stare at sunburned boobs for a few days.

If you’re in a band a Visa becomes a whole different life or death deal. Without one you can’t legitimately perform and if you do choose to play without the correct Visa you risk deportation and future barring from the border of that country. Not so cool.

As if to rub salt in these gaping irritants, last week the Home Office decided to inexplicably raise Visa prices to literally unfeasible levels unless your band is on a major or are willing to go all Midnight Cowboy on the side or something. Each act no matter the number of members needs to purchase a straight Work Permit which now costs £190 as opposed to £155. That doesn’t seem so bad but the real kick in the balls is the Work Permit Visa which is up from £85 to £200 PER BAND MEMBER! So if you’re in a 4 piece you’re looking at £2,000 just to be able to plug in before you even start thinking about flights, transport, and accommodation. Broken Social Scene must be shitting themselves…

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