Sunday, 8 July 2007

Bob Dylan Feature Blog post. I love Bob. The other day my friend Charlie got me a signed copy of Street Legal. I almost came in my pants.

It’s Alright Ma I’m Only Touring

This week Bob Dylan came to the UK. I’m a little obsessed with Bob so I went to 4 out of the 5 UK shows. Newcastle wasn’t too far, I just didn’t like the idea of going to Newcastle. Here’s a video of Bob in Sheffield playing Like A Rolling Stone and looking sort of like a dancing nat in a hat while he air humps his keyboard. I could go see him play every night forever, look at him dancing! In fact I actually could go see him every night forever. Since 1988 Bob has been on what he refuses to call The Never Ending Tour (geeks like me refer to it as the NET, I have over 1000 bootlegged live recordings of NET shows) in which he plays 100-150 shows a year, every year. Every night he wheels out a different set-list and refuses to play enormo-domes like the Stones or McCartney who are basically playing to pay for hip operations and alimony or whatever you do when people have just said ‘yes’ to you for so long that your brain’s turned into putty. While all these other faded caricatures wheel out the hits every four years Bob’s still on the road heading for another joint and re-interpreting his art instead of massacring it. Not bad for a dude hitting 67 next month.

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