Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Bleeps Interview

An Interview for a Fly53/Vice promo booklet.


There’s only two guys in this band. But a bit like when you listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and try and work out how one dude is making so many noises come out of one guitar The Bleep’s make your head go funny. Although their names sound a bit like a 16th Century French Duke and a Marvel superhero Remy LaMont and Paul Parker play music to make you dance. Over Paul’s frenetic drums Remy simultaneously lays down Hooky bass lines and peeling angular riffs while singing about how he is a Discotek. Like I said it makes your head go funny.

VICE: You make lots of sounds all at once. How do you do that, there’s only two of you?

Paul: It’s all in his guitar mate. It’s top secret. It can go from one to the power of a million just like that.
Remy: Well we used to play in a pretty straight up rock band together called Father of Boon. While we were doing that we had this wicked practice space in a squat on Cable Street. When we weren’t doing Boon stuff I’d just mess around with a drum machine and loads of delays. Just a solo thing, layering sounds.

VICE: How did that develop into a two piece?

Paul: I used to hear him playing all this stuff on his own in the space and naturally as a drummer thought that I’d sound better than a drum machine. Also a drum machine can’t talk and offer feedback. I can give Remy ideas on how to develop tracks. It’s really fun writing together just bouncing ideas off each other.

VICE: How about live? You guys have got a bit of a rep.

Remy: Well we started out developing a lot of the songs just by playing out. We’ve had at least a gig a week since I can remember, at least a year. We get to play with other bands we like too, Tigerforce, Underground Railroad. I think we were sat in a boozer the other day and worked out the only place we’ve not played in Hoxton is Cargo and we’re booked there next month.
Paul: I just love playing live man. A lot of my major influences are people that were special live, Prince man, I’ll stand by that any day, Funkadelic too, put that down, I love them!

VICE: You’ve got a single coming out in January.

Paul: Yeah, Dull Thud, we’re putting it out ourselves. It’ll be on CD with some live performance material on there as well.
Remy: We’ve been working a lot of tracks out live as well and we’ve got enough material for an album now easy, songs that hang together nicely. We’re just after a distributer!

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