Sunday, 8 July 2007

Student Records Feature

This was a '5 good 5 bad' feature for the Vice 2007 Student Guide.

1. Bad
Jack Johnson
Brushfire Fairytales

This reeks of the three months that you just spent on the Koh San Road maxing out mummy and daddies credit card in order to ‘broaden your horizons’. Burn it now.

1. Good
Gary Higgins
Red Hash

This is an insane forgotten gem of a tripped out next level folk record that only got recovered because Ben Chasny put out a ‘Where Are You Now’ notice in the liner notes of a 6 Organs of Admittance album. Thankfully for us when the old hippy himself turned up at the Drag City offices they swiftly re-release this Incredible String Band on mescaline piece of genius.

2. Bad
The Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

How many times can a human being be forced to listen to the same series of songs in the same order? You weren’t even old enough to go and see the film in the cinema when it came out.

2. Good
The Wickerman Soundtrack

This has nothing to do with that constipated foetus joke of a re-make. The original Wickerman soundtrack was written by Paul Giovanni in which he infused traditional British song structures with Burns poetry and his own arrangements to create a haunting, timeless template without which people like Devandra Banhart wouldn’t have careers.

3. Good
Pink Floyd
Dark Side Of The Moon

Just because Q tells you an album is great, doesn’t mean it is. No matter how much weed you smoke or how many times you play it simultaneously with The Wizard of Oz this record will still be flaccid boring piece of crap your Dad listens to on the way to the South of France for your summer holiday.

3. Good
Popol Vuh
Herz Aus Glass

Not to be confused with the bible of the post-classical period Mayans, Popol Vuh is the collective name for the transcendent all-encompassing cosmic sound work of Florian Fricke. This recording is intended as an aural interpretation of the Werner Herzog film of the same name. Your Dad probably wouldn’t get it.

4. Bad
Grace Kelly

And so to the next in a long line of Tesco-friendly, sub-standard, hook heavy crap Chris Martin caused the majors to snap up and relentlessly push on the feeble minded record buying public since 2003. People are idiots.

Hail The New Dawn

Ian Stuart would have eaten all these Morrisson/Blunt’s for breakfast then shat the out as little swastika shaped turds. Shame he’s rotting in Hell…

5. Bad
Moon Safari

So when you head back to your digs after doing your first pill at some sweaty drum&bass rave (you need to stop going to those by the way, its all about Dubstep now) and you’re getting stoned someone is bound to put this on and say something like ‘yeah its just so chilled’. Ugh.

5. Good

This is like a beautiful clean natural mountain spring bathing your naked body in some mountain in heaven while God goes ‘hmm, some of this electronic stuff aint half bad’.

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