Sunday, 8 July 2007

Such Hawks, Such Hounds Feature

A preview of the movie about stoner/sludge/doom/whateveryouwannacallit rock for the Blog.

Atoms Splitting In The Ether

Preview of ‘Such Hawks, Such Hounds: Scenes From The American Rock Underground’

Weren’t Sabbath rad? Four smelly guys from Birmingham really did have a pretty big impact on things. As if to shove that down our throats here is a whole movie just to prove the point. The film was originally entitled ‘Heavy’ but then it looked like VH1 might sue so now its going by ‘Such Hawks, Such Hounds’. This sort of fits in with the pseudo mythological stoner-rock waffle that goes on during this awesome film. Pretty much anyone who’s anyone that had any part in bringing downtuned drones to mass consumption pops up from a typically wired looking Wino to ex-Sleep dude Matt Pike. Some of the fried out philosophising from these casualties is as enjoyable as the live footage, the balding hippy guy from Comets comes out with nuggets like “this music is like the birth of the primordial supernova”. Check out the trailer, I’m not making this shit up. Seeing things like Kyuss destroying generator parties in the middle of the desert makes you realise that Homme really has been lying to himself and everyone else for quite a while now though and watching this will make you want to burn anything you own that even vaguely resembles ‘nu-folk’. Check it out.

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