Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vice Singles Reviews 10.07.09

A Mountain Of One

8 When did PIAS go from releasing outré dance music to shiny little gems of psyche encrusted, perfectly executed songs that most bands would happily lop their left arms off for? I need to pay more attention.

Perry Nutkins

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

8 Quad barrelled name or no quad barreled name being buddies with Kyp Malone and guy from Grizzly Bear doesn’t automatically make you best singer songwriter of 2009 no matter what Pitchfork tells you. Writing Byrds jangle saturated, Velvets stomp stealing all round great songs should do the trick though.

Martha Scatterhead


6 Brody Dalle goes electro pop. World fails to shift on axis. I’d still take this over the entire Distillers back catalogue but I’d also probably subsist on Tabasco and raw onions for a month before being forced to listen that crock of crap again.

Bosh Hom

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