Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vice Singles Reviews 07.09.09

Love Comes
Fascination Records

10 Wow. I have no idea if these two Cougars were even in the original Bannanarama but if they were they sure have looked after themselves. Did you know that Mackie who used to play drums in the Cro Mags went out with one of these MILF’s back in the 80’s? True story.

Penny Loefah

David Gray

0 David Gray got it all wrong years ago. No one wants to hear you warble about traffic lights changing colour Dave but imagine that hang dog, been chewed out by the wife and spent a week too long inside a nicotine stained lung of a pub face in a Shane Meadows picture opposite Paddy Considine. Character acting’s loss is sadly also music’s loss.

Perry Garcia

Kelly Clarkson
Already Gone
0 In which I get seriously bummed that this isn’t a sequel to “Since You’ve Been Gone”.

Alexis Petri-Dish

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