Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vice v7n8 Record Reviews

Rot In Hell/The Process
Split 7”
Feast Of Tentacles

9 How many 7” records have you bought recently that come with a beautifully screened pamphlet reproducing the Marquis De Sade’s Works of Hate complete with contemporaneous woodcuts of ye olde orgies huh? Well if you buy this one you’ll also get two of the most misanthropic sides of Process Church inspired hardcore going for good measure.

Charles Jamson

Southern Lord

9 Who knows what they put in the swamps out in Louisiana but it sure makes for some great doom-drenched sludge metal. If you’re missing Eyehategod then this reissued 2007 set from kindred NOLA spirits Thou courtesy of Southern Lord has come chugging and screaming out of Baton Rouge to batter your ears to a bloody pulp right in the nick of time.

Buzz Aldrin

Feast Of Tentacles

8 Another platter of putrid disgustingness from the good folks at Feast Of Tentacles who really should get some kind of lifetime achievement award for overlooked consistent quality of output or something. Apart from that Kamikaze 7”. What was that all about? This is a double album of psyche infused doom from Leeds that would make a good soundtrack to a huddling naked in the corner of a cold, dark room and weeping yourself to sleep.

Perry Nutkins

Reflect The Filth
Grrman Records

10 Omid who plays the guitar and yells in this two headed thrash monster of an outfit was on the cover of our Obsessions Issue eons ago hanging out in front of his ginormous t-shirt collection. If you want to know what this record sounds like go have a look at the article on Viceland and you will soon get a good idea. Sadly this is the last will and testament of Battletorn as they are splitting soon. William and Omid: your rackets will be missed.

King Cringeson

El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Rodriguez Lopez Productions

0 In what alternate reality am I living where normally sane people are actually excited about the one with glasses from The Mars Volta’s solo record? What even gives this guy the right to have a solo record? And then call it “Cryptomnesia” on his own label that he has named after himself? I’m sure he is a lovely guy but, oh wait, Biff Tannen just walked past. Or was it Griff?

Doc Brown

The Fiery Furnaces
I’m Going Away
Thrill Jockey

1 This is everyone’s favourite kooky brother/sister duo’s eighth record. No, you did not just have an eye spasm it really is their eighth album. Who knew you could ride a one trick pony so long? Is she still dating that waxwork model that sings in Franz Ferdinand?

Alexis Petri-dish

Dieter Moebius
Klangbad Records

8 I am not sure where Moebius makes his records but I’d like to imagine him tinkering away in an old potting shed with a few reel to reels and a four track sampling bees in flight and the swish of a dandelion in the breeze then looping it all ad infintum. He remains gloriously out of step and yet forever two paces ahead of the pack.

Perry Nutkins

Necro Deathmort
The Beat Is Necrotronic
Distraction Records

5 I hate to sit on the fence but this one has me foxed. One minute it’s Sunn O))) the next it’s Squarepusher then it’s all a bit like the run out groove of a Philip Jeck record. None of these things are bad individually but I was never a man for raspberry and bacon sandwiches.

The Milky Bar Kid

The Horror
Spoils Of War
Grot Records

8 I am pretty sure that The Horror is basically late period Voorhees without Lecky on vocals. Well, Horror singer Andy has some equally abrasive pipes and it must still be grim up North because this second effort offers 15 songs of total and utter anger and aggression wheeled out in staccato 90 second blasts. More please.

Circle Jams

Sian Alice Group
Troubled, Shaken Etc
The Social Registry

10 Like listening to rain tinkling on broken glass the Sian Alice Group make fragile and gorgeously realized pastoral anthems that make me want to weep tears of joy and beat my breast like one of those crazy Scottish warrior guys in Braveheart and scream at the top of my lungs and run around in a field and generally make me happy about being a breathing thing that wakes up every day.

General Store

Debut Album
Sunday Best

8 All over the place party music that fidgets from dubstep to b-more to synthy electro and back again in the blink of a breakbeat. You remember that house party you were at where you wished you knew who the hell made the crazy racket coming out of the speakers at 6am? Wonder no longer.

Acid Drew


9 Sometimes I want to run around London screaming, “wake up!” Buy this today and realize what America, Europe and just about everywhere woke up to 12 months ago. One of the best bands making a garage punk racket out there are right under your noses.

Jam 69

The Pastels/Tenniscoats
Two Sunsets

8 C86 survivors and serial Scotch collaborators The Pastels have a ram shackle meeting of minds with Japanese minimalists Tenniscoats. What shouldn’t work does and out of the grinder comes one of the most endearing pop records of the year as well as a contender for best track title in “Start Slowly So We Sound Like A Loch”.

Jim O’Fork

What’s Your Rupture?

8 Straddling the mountain of chatter that preceded its release with ease these ten tracks of Richman-like quirk and earnest pop may only last for sixteen minutes but if you don’t hit play again as soon as it ends your ears have become cold, frozen, soulless, stalagmites and will probably drop off fairly soon.

Day Ravies

Pissed Jeans
Kings Of Jeans
Sub Pop

10 The last time that Pissed Jeans played the Old Blue Last I became convinced that they were the best band in the world. Ever. I was sure of it. I told myself that listening to other music was pointless and that Hope For Men could never be bettered. Then I kind of forgot these vows until bam! Now all I am listening to is King Of Jeans. Again and again and again. You should too.

Bruce Grobelar

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