Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vice Singles Reviews 10.09.09

Little Idiot

0 What’s going on with the artwork here? Has the bajillion-selling poison dwarf finally realised that his music is so wholly and transparently vapid that he’s resorted to some weird animated alter ego themed shtick to detract from the aural car crash? Well listen here Dickie: your sub-Mr Scruff doodles aint fooling no one.

Perry Nutkins

The Never Ending Why
Dream Brother

0 When I was about 13 my buddy Charlie walked in to my friend Sam’s room where he had a big Kerrang pull out poster of Placebo on the wall, took one look at Brian Moloko and simply said “fit”. I wonder if he would say the same about Moloko v.2009.

Alexis Petri-Dish

Resistance Now
Imprint Music

10 Senser re-formed and no one thought to pass me the memo? For those of you born after, hmm, 1980, Senser are kind of like a white Asian Dub Foundation with dreads and Rage Against The Machine’s riffs. Or just Rage Against The Machine without the funk-hop basslines. And the guy from Spiral Tribe on turntables. Just go listen to them. So ridiculous they hurtle past absurdity into sheer brilliance. Heitham even manages to rap in at least three languages and reference the CIA Operation Cyclone on this single.

Circle Jams

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