Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vice Singles Reviews 04.10.09

Devendra Banhart
Warner Bros.

1 I thought that the whole point of this shaggy haired hippy was that he was meant to be leading the children of light towards the garden of sunbeams and endless radiance by the sheer power of freaky folking out without restraint or order by society. Man. So why the fuck is new record coming out on Warner Brothers? Aren’t they the third biggest corporate entity on the planet or something?

Jammy Higgins

Empire Of The Sun
Walking On A Dream

1 Him out of The Sleepy Jackson abandons anti folk, gets an MGMT meets Adam Ant makeover and pukes out some rancidly middle of the road AOR version of “Electric Feel”.

Fob Boster

Fever Ray

7 “We talk about love/we talk about dishwasher tablets”. The chick from The Knife still makes little to no sense but if you are still in thrall to the Swede’s glacial electro pop that she peddles with her brother during her day job then this single won’t disappoint.

Sven Svensson

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