Tuesday, 13 October 2009

NME Radar Piece: Government Warning

Despite it’s indisputable influence on the first wave of American hardcore Richmond Virginia has a since cultivated a legacy of churning out stout necked, jockish death metal bands. And Alabama Thunderpussy. Along with a small cluster of acts affiliated with the No Way record label, including Wasted Time and Cloak/Dagger, Government Warning are determined to change all that. Taking cues from early 80’s acts and distilling the fury of early Poison Idea, the puerile sense of humour and balls out fun of The Adolescents and more than a dollop of the drink-and-drug-until-you-can’t-speak-no-more approach of legendry Budweiser sponsored good for nothings Gang Green (early anthem “Arrested” details vocalist Kenny’s desire not to end up back in the slammer). The band have rapidly become one of the most talked about acts on the DIY underground since releasing their first 7” in 2006. With a 15 song debut LP charmingly entitled Paranoid Mess currently available on La Vida Es En Mus and a live show that made this writers eyeballs bleed from it’s sheer speed and ferocity at their sole UK show on their recent European Tour you’d do well to catch them next time they make it over. If Kenny can keep out of trouble with boys in blue that is.

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