Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vice Singles Reviews 03.08.09

Malcom Middleton
Full Time Hobby

8 Much of Middleton’s post Arab Strap solo ditties have been a little like stealth bombers. They fool you into thinking they’ll be depressing dirges of unfettered melancholy by sheer strength of title then hoodwink you into unassailably great moods with their upbeat, quirkiness and simple, innocent sentiment. While it sounds about as much fun as “We’re All Going To Die” and “Cold Winter” before it “Zero” doesn’t stray from the play book and is another hook laden bundle of Scotch accented joy.

Perry Nutkins

Buraka Som Sistema

8 I was all set to barf all over this one’s stupid stencil meets urban signage sleeve as I was sure it was some strain of mutant tech-hyphy-cumbia-clownstep or whatever it is that Prancehall made up for his Fader column this week. Turns out Buraka’s cheeky Portuguese take on Angolan Kuduru that they’ve fizzed up with a bunch of electronic bleeps and buzzes is pretty palatable. Who’d a thunk it?

Bruce Grobelar

I Wanna Kill/Here Comes The Sky

9 Jesus & Mary Chain hair and shades? Check. Complicated ex-members-of back story? Check. Neo-Velvets guitar lines? Check. My Blood Valentine gauze of distortion? Check. Achingly self aware song titles that sound like they spent longer being thought of than the actual songs? Check. Man if they weren’t so damn good it would easy to hate these guys.

Alex Petri-Dish

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