Thursday, 9 April 2009

NME Radar Piece: Wavves

Nathan Williams has been riding atop (ahem) a wave of blog hysteria since late 2008. When international hype can be generated with a few savvy Wordpress placements it all seemed a little suspicious what with Williams’ background as hip rap blogger Ghostramp. Was it all a scam? Were kids pre-ordering 7”s that sold out before release and already change hands for hundreds of dollars on Ebay on blogsay alone? The short answer: no. The rap blogging came from “the sheer boredom of working 9-5 in a San Diego record store” Williams sleepily explains, waking from a weed-induced slumber on a friends sofa. Wavves is inspired by “all the things with offensive covers that my mum wouldn’t let me listen to as a kid” and its fuzzy, lowest-fi take on K-Records slacker pop infused with girl-group harmonies and g-funk bounce is the wonderous soundtrack to a neverending summer that probably only exists in Nathan’s head. Of the online attention Williams remains nonchalant: “I just put it all into Garageband and what comes out comes out. If people want to talk about it that’s up to them”. If the forthcoming “So Bored” 7” on Young Turks is anything to go by the tongues are set to continue wagging.

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