Thursday, 9 April 2009

Intro For Hannah Rollings: Utterly Mindless Thrills

Someone asked me to write an introduction to a book for them:

Although I encountered Hannah and her (really, truly wonderful) work virtually I insisted that were I to write anything about it I would need to see it physically. In the flesh. Up close and in my eyeballs. Quicker than I could say “send me a copy” one had turned up and under inspection it proved more vibrant, odder and gripping than the flat impersonal palate of a computer screen could ever convey.

So, I hope that if you are reading this then it is inside a copy of the book that you have bought and if you are reading this and yet to buy it then I hope that this small ramble sways you because you will not be disappointed. Hannah’s work runs the gamut from insightful to inane to stark to hilarious and back again without pausing for breath and does so in a ceaselessly and singularly coulourful world of it’s own.

Enjoy it. I do every time it falls into my eyesight.

J.N.R. Knight

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