Thursday, 9 April 2009

Vice v7n1 La Vida Es En Mus Record Reviews

A while back we put Fucked Up on at The Old Blue Last. Now, you may or may not know that punk fans are notoriously anal record collectors. If a 7” is released in three different colours your average hardcore geek will get duplicates in all variants just to be on the safe side. This guy we know (whose exact identity we can’t tell you) who runs an excellent record label called La Vida Es Un Mus decided to grab about 100 random 7”s and press them up with artwork taking the piss out of the Nathan Barley twats he assumed would be at a show at our bar buying up the merch to seem as though they had a clue what’s up. Who wouldn’t want a 7” limited to 100 copies to go with their lumberjack Supreme coat and knuckleduster New Era right? Turns out only too right. The records went in about 12 seconds flat and appeared on Ebay the next day for up to £200 a pop. Despite the fact they had no Fucked Up music on them. The EP was called Hoxton Cunts and since then we have been more than a little in love with Mr Es En Mus. At long fucking last we have put together a little round up for the guy who once bluntly told us that he liked us but hated “everything you stand for”.

La Vida’s back catalogue is varied and ludicrously great so pop over to to pick up bits or listen to MP3’s by the likes of Latino Chicago legends Los Crudos, queercore greats Limp Wrist or Spanish punks Destruccion. In terms of new things on offer you can check out current Spanish stuff coming out of Barcelona in the shape of Invasion’s self titled LP or La Caza 12” (both 8) or Grupo Sub 1’s Tercer Grado en Leningrado LP (7). Sweden is represented by the great Warcharge 7” (8) by Anger Burning as well the Presagio de Muerte 7” by Delerium Tremens. You can get some established US garage punk from the Observers on the Ando Solo 7” (8) as well as up and coming UK garage on the Straight Forward 7” (9) by the awesome Shitty Limits. Other great UK stuff the label is peddling includes noise punk from The Wanky’s with their Hero: The Very Best Of LP (10) as well as Oi! legends Hard Skin on a split with Fucked Up (9). Basically, we’re saying La Vida is pretty great. Go buy some records.

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