Thursday, 9 April 2009

Vice Interview: Spin Spin The Dogs

Another one that never saw the light.


Spin Spin The Dogs Look Like Tennis Umpires

The problem with doing an indie band in the fashion issue is that you kind of know that they are going to a wear a bunch of clothes that they either got given by their mum, dad, aunt or uncle or alternatively bought for 73p from Save The Children on Catford High Street. Now, when I say indie I don’t mean indie in a New Cross, Fred Perry v-neck, ACNE jeans and Poste pointy shoes, English angular guitar band indie kind of way. No siree. I am talking more kids that go to shows at Bardens, smoke limp roll ups and make their girlfriends with names like Arrabella or Letitia mixtapes featuring bands like Polvo, The Lapse and Native Nod kind of way.

While it would be easy to dismiss their slap shod appearance and apparent total lack of effort an any area of anything these kind of kids redeem themselves by usually being insanely nice, totally positive and stupidly knowledgeable about tones of records you should really own and know inside out but were too busy organizing Friday nights out with your ‘buddies’ on AIM to ever listen to. If you go for a beer with a bunch of them you can easily sit there and let a bunch of band names, label references and in jokes wash over you for hours. It is pretty calming.

Spin Spin The Dogs are a whole gang of these type of indie kids. They are nice, funny and make music so laden with reference points that it is a total waste of time even beginning to tell you what it sounds like. You will just have to trust us and go out and listen to them even if for no other reason than that at this point in time they are that rarest of things: an English guitar band worth a shit.

VICE: So. Clothes. Gotta ask, sorry.
Vincent Larkin (vocals):
At the moment I look slightly like a tennis umpire to the untrained eye but that could be because I am feeling ill. In general I go for a look that I have referred to in the past as ‘the sleazy preacher’. It is based on Dylan during his Christian phase but without the constant accompanying gospel choir.
Dean Hinks (bass): I don’t really pay for clothes. I wait until people get too big or too small for them. I am like this consistent median in life. Others fluctuate but I will forever be a hand-me-downable or upable size.

What do you spend all the money that you are not spending on clothes on?
Beer at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham on a Saturday night.
Luke Younger (guitar): Billies?

Okidoke. How would you go about spinning a dog? Sounds cruel.
We were referring really to spinning the dog around in circles with the use of a twig, branch or similar object of attention. To actually physically spin a dog around would be cruel yes. That said I did throw a dog at someone once.

Jesus. What happened?
The dog was menstruating at the time as it happens so it was actually pretty gross to be honest. Not my finest moment.


Spin Spin The Dogs excellent EP Cats is available now on Fancy Paradise records.

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