Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Viceland Gallows Interview

An interview with Lags from Gallows for Viceland.


As we've already mentioned Vice Presents is happening on the 18th of December. Tickets are disappearing quicker than Jordan leaving a jungle so best to get yours here before they're gone for good. We decided to have a chat to Lags from Gallows about how he feels about the lifetime highlight we've offered his band by allowing them to headline our event. Click on for that and a few videos of the last couple of times Gallows laid waste to The Old Blue Last.

Vice: Hey Lags. I just spoke to a press person who then connected me to you and said “you have Lags on the line”. It was like when Jack Bauer calls the President in 24.
Lags (guitar): I don’t know if I am as cool as the President but I’ll do my best.

So what have you been up to Lags?
I just got back from the US, we were doing a load of dates with AFI.

How was that? Were the shows filled with mopey emo-goths crying into the photographers pit on the front row?
It was pretty crazy, the whole front row at every single show we played would be packed with these really young identical looking girls. They sleep out at the venue from the night before just so that they can be in the front row. That’s dedication right?

It is indeed. How did your feisty brand of Watford Hardcore go down with the tweemo brigade?
You’d be surprised, as long as there are like, five hardcore kids in there some kind of pit gets going. Also, in the UK we tend to be headlining a lot these days so you end up playing to your own crowd a bit. It’s a nice to change to be playing to someone else’s crowd and trying to get a reaction.

So what can we expect from your show at Vice Presents?
We’re just psyched to be playing a Vice show, the last time I did anything with you guys was when I DJ’d at a Fucked Up show and that was pretty crazy. We played with Fucked Up at the Old Blue as well and that was nuts too. Andy (Capper, Vice Editor) has been a big supporter of ours from day one so we are just happy to be playing a show with you lot. I can’t wait.

It’s in a warehouse too which should be a different kettle of monkeys from the enormo-domes you played with AFI.
Yeah, I am excited about that too. Smaller club shows and house shows or warehouse shows like this are always more fun to play. They just feel a lot less rock&roll and have more of a straight up punk-rock vibe which I like. I’m also excited to see Lovvers and Male Bonding, it’s a good bill.

Have you got anything special planned? How about actually coming out with all of you hanging from a huge gallows? See what I did there? Have you ever done that before?
No. We did get all these neon crosses made up once though which we were gonna have upside down on stage.

Like the anti-Justice?
Yeah! We went and got them all made up off our own batt but we never ended up using them.

How come, did Warners tell you no in case you incited religious hatred and it had a detrimental affect on sales?
Nah, they just looked stupid so we canned the idea.

What about the gallows then? You can have that idea, I won’t even charge a consultancy fee.
We actually got the name from gallows humour as opposed to the actual gallows.

Oh, I guess that is a little harder to manifest in physical form. How about Frank getting a tattoo on stage or has that one run its course?
He’s running out of space mate. He’s getting this huge tiger grappling with a snake all over his back. It's basically from his neck to his arse so there’s not much room on him left.

OK, last questions Lags, when can we expect a My Dad Joe reunion?
If you can fly Andreas back from Brooklyn it’s on!

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