Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vice Singles Reviews 26.10.09

Enter Shikari

(1)0 While not quite as far it into the sonic insaniverese as that bastion of total absurdity that was “Zzzonked” (their last nail in the coffin of ‘post-hardcore’ in case you missed it pop pickers) which sounded like Limp Bizkit covering The Vengaboys this one definitely sees the band reach their lyrical zenith. To wit, the first two verses:

I'm gonna paste you up, cover you in wallpaper
Screw shelves into you and call you a wall
Thats all you are to me trying to keep people inside, inside your sordid little house. This is not white abode.

You can have skirtingboard shoes and plug sockets on your knees
I'll hang a painting on your lip
And put tinsel 'round it at Christmas

Billy Bunter

Dim Mak

0 Listening to farty electro-house synths spluttering up and down goves me 2004 flashbacks that make me so glad that sanity won the battle and no one actually listens to this tripe anymore other than people in luminous New Era caps that still thing that Egg is the jump off on a Friday night. Not even Nore can save this abomination.

Teddy Sheringham

J’adore Hardcore

10 This post-modern masterpiece of rabble rousing hedonism is everything that Enter Shikari should dream of being but will never manage. It somehow rips off “Dup Dup” by Mickie Krause, Planet Funk's "Chase the Sun" AND The Pitcher's "I Just Can't Stop” and transform them into a stone cold euro-rave classic. I’m shit you not. Scooter are the sound of genius.

Hans-Peter Goodies

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