Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vice Singles Reviews 09.11.09

Poison Lips

10 Second 12’”from Pascal Arbez-Nicola’s future-disco classic of an LP Flashmob. Ticks all the bleeding edge synth and crushingly well produced beat boxes that you’d expect with added pre-orgasmic breathy female vocal for good measure. The man can do no wrong.

Ellis D

Boy Of Girl
Hot Chocolate Boy
Off The Unceratin

7 Sadly not a gender inverted 2 step garage response to Shanks & Bigfoot’s “Sweet Like Chocolate” but a whole different kettle of enjoyable nonetheless. Fragile, female voxed synth pop by what I am pretty sure used to be a band called Moon Unit. Luckily this duo’s tunes are better than their choice of band names.

Norris Da Boss

Pearl Jam
Got Some/Just Breathe

2 As a kid of about 12 or 13 I had a tape with VS on one side and Vitalogy on the other. Walking back and forth to school was made approximately one million times more enjoyable by that single tape so I have always felt a huge sense of obligation to Vedder, Stone Gossard and the other three. Obligation or not though bad is just bad plain and simple.

Mother Love Phone

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