Monday, 15 February 2010

Vice Singles Reviews 08.02.10

Way To LA
Claremont 56

8 Something of a supergroup featuring as it does Holger Czukay, Ursa Major, Paul 'Mudd' Murphy and Benjamin Smith this rumbles along like krautrock via a night-class at Blaxplotation bassline school. The way to LA must be a long road as both sides of this 10” feature the theme of getting to the City Of Angeles. The A side is making it there in the Day and the B side features trying to get there at night.

Barry Bawler

The Macabees (feat. Roots Manuva)
Empty Vessels

6 By some miracle this is nowhere near the dogs dinner the lineup threatens. If anything it’s closer to those spaced out jams that Rodney used to spit over back in the days when his tracks only turned up on things like Kitz’s seminal Countryman LP.

Basher Bishop

You Know I’m No Good/Shakin All Over
Wanda Jackson
Third Man

8 This was kind of a no brainer. Jack White producing a raockabilly legend for his boutique vinyl label. How was it ever not going to be great.

Billy Bunter

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