Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vice Singles Reviews 20.11.09

The Bitters
East General

10 A new 7” from the unstoppable Ben Cook aka Young Governor aka one of the hardest working men in the business of making punk rock songs that are good for your ears. After serving time with No Warning, Violent Minds and Criminally Insane Ben sold his soul to Mike Haliechuck and now plays guitar in Fucked Up. Seeing as Mike and Josh ‘Concenration Camp’ Zucker were already playing guitars in that band Ben must be real good for them to be bothered with a third six string guy. On top of playing sixty bajillion shows that last for twenty hours at a time a year with Fucked Up Ben also finds time to record solo as Young Governer, with the Marvelous Darlings, in a band called the Roomates that I’ve not even heard and with The Bitters who may just be the pick of the bunch. Slacker, sun-kissed, lo-fi, pop-punk anthems all lovingly churned out by Ben and Aerin Fogel. Perfect.

Jelly Bi-Afro

Invasion VS Shackleton
Wizards In Dub
This Is Music

9 If a Shackleton is good enough to warrant a remix by elusive minimal godhead Ricardo Villalobos the a Shackleton remix must be a bit like being refixed by Jesus. Except Invasion would probably be more into crucifying Jesus upside down in a cave on Mars. Either way Shackleton takes apart the bits that make Invasion’s unlikely soul/doom formula great and makes it even better.

Will Bevan

Mayfair Set
Young One
Captured Tracks/Woodsist

8 You know the bit in record reviews where it goes “this sounds like Dum Dum Girls meets Blank Dogs” that you skip to to actually find out what the thing sounds like? Well this actually is the Dum Dum Girls meeting Blank Dogs. There you go.

Anna Bananna

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