Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vice Singles Reviews 16.11.09

Ali Love
Diminishing Returns
Back Yard

0 This guy is still alive?

Billy Bunter

Frightened Rabbit
Swim Until You Can't See Land
Fat Cat

2 Could there possibly be a more irritating name for a limp, insipid, jangly indie band that make music that probably came out of a machine set to “incidental music for Zooey Deschanel movie in which mis-matched girl and boy fall in love despite inherent differences”?The only thing that sucks worse than the name is the tunes so it’s loose loose.

Justin Fashanu

Mariachi El Bronx

7 I never really got the big deal with The Bronx. They just sound like beefy, polished hardcore for people whose only exposure to punk was via Grand Theft Auto games to me. That said their new Mariachi incarnation slayed our Vice Presents party last month so what do I know?

Perry Nutkins

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