Saturday, 2 August 2008

Young Turks Blog Piece: Lift To Experience

Last night I went to see Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man debut the first part in a trilogy of EP’s, which represents one of the few truly exciting and innovative ventures in an embarrassingly arid UK 'indie' scene. The show was at the lovely Luminaire and if you weren't there you missed out.

Anyway, watching Fred command the stage with an authoritative vocal performance that anchored a band playing music that ably and dexterously encapsulated mini opuses of a great scope I found myself thinking only of one other band.

While sonically, vocally and lyrically Lift To Experience are not immediately comparable to Ox.Eagle. it is in their shared sense of a grand vision and a grasp of insight into the ability of voice, guitar, bass and drum to be so much more than a mere sum of parts that unites the two acts.

Lift To Experience are sadly no more and while the bands singer/guitarist, Josh T Pearson, still plays solo the fire and brimstone obsession that drove him and Lift To Experience to be "the best band in the whole damn land" sadly seems destined never to be replicated.

The band released a single, double disc, concept album entitled 'The Texas/Jerusalem Crossroads'. I cannot even begin to touch the scope of the albums lyrical and aural ambition but you should all go out and buy it now. Right now. Then listen to in one big gluttonous helping. And then listen to it again and again and again and kick yourself for not ever having heard it before.

I feel blessed to have seen Lift To Experience play what I believe was one of their only UK shows at the Garage opening for a young(er) Cat Power many many years ago (well 2001). They were beyond almost anything I have ever seen live and to think of the show even now resuscitates shivers.

Hopefully the video below will give you some idea of their raging majesty.

Long may Lift To Experience’s memory endure and best of luck to Ox.Eagle. In the maintenance of ambition you may see the angles can fall from the sky yet.

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