Saturday, 2 August 2008

NME: Shitty Limits Radar Feature

Below the (ahem) radar and operating far beneath major label deals, Warped Tours and branded New Era caps the thriving UK DIY scene continues to churn out bands so good you’re almost glad that no one has heard them so you can keep them all to yourself.

Coming straight out of erm… Guildford The Shitty Limits comprise ex members of scene stalwarts Crash The Pose and Farewell to Arms. While their former incarnations plied furious hardcore and thrash The Limits manage to channel the chaos into 2 minute bursts of garage flecked punk anchored by vocals so snotty it’s like you are hearing the Dead Kids for the first time all over again.

Having opened for the likes of Jay Reatard and Fucked Up the band’s live show is already approaching legend with sweaty kids regularly limping out venues muttering about having witnessed the best live show of their lives.

Ably combining the confrontational attitude of the Germs, the youthful exuberance of the Angry Samoans and the trebly twang of the Standells into lean blasts that are best heard on the three 7”s the band have released on their own Limits Records and DIY labels Keep Screaming and Dire. While these records are long sold out being proper punks the band wouldn’t want you to go without and their entire discography is available for free download on their MySpace page. They also had no desire to either talk to the NME or appear in these pages but we figure they were too good to keep to ourselves.

With a fourth 7” slated for the summer and shows with like minds Thee Vicars and The Sceptres as well as support slots with sonic granddads the Adolescents lined up you would be foolish to sleep on these Limits.

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