Saturday, 2 August 2008

i-D July Reviews

Ice Cream Spiritual
We Are Free

From the angular ashes of Monitor Records, We Are Free is swiftly establishing itself as the vanguard label for Baltimore’s Wham City invigorated new wave. Eight sun drenched, smile inducing blasts of pop spazz vie for attention like ADD 7 year olds on this the native Baltimoreans second full length. You won’t find a more fitting album title all year.

The Telescopes
Infinite Suns

After twenty years and at least as many lineup changes The Telescopes have settled as founder Stephen Lawrie accompanied by former Vibracathedral Orchestra member Bridget Hayden. This collaboration has borne possibly the outfit’s most visceral and intense album to date. All run-out groove static and screeching drilled pick ups ‘Infinte Suns’ feels closer to being lost inside an endless black hole than being burnt by solar rays. Their last record sold out in under an hour so best move fast on this one.

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