Saturday, 2 August 2008

Vice Interview: Thee Vicars

Thee Vicars

The shadowy light that the Horrors poured onto the garage punk & roll thingy has hardly left the gaggle of bands with copies of Nuggets tucked under their arms picking up NME awards that was so widely predicted not that long ago.

Below the glare of the spotlight so clear though a whole bunch of bands have been happily thriving, breaking things and getting in people’s faces with minus zero regard for who is listening or, in fact, if anyone is listening at all, for quite some time.

These bands share bills, club nights and labels while somehow managing to sound nothing like each other and could easily hoot & holler right past the waiting world while giving less than an eighth of a shit as long as they get to play approximately 20 times more a month you average pointy shoes and trilby band thought humanly possible. In fact they will probably be pissed at us for even telling you about them.

Labels like Dire and Static Shock have been putting out records by bands as varied as snotty Guildford garage punks The Shitty Limits and destructive power punk guys The Scepters at nights like the Dirty Water, the Cave Club and the GYC for ages. If you want to have a good time and not sit around ingesting Dominoes in front of Strictly Come See Who’s Got Talent or whatever you could do worse than go check out those places before they are full of everyone that is everywhere else.

With their liberal ‘appropriation’ of Standells twang, Dead Boys snort, Headcoates blustering and nice matching suits, Thee Vicars might be our favourites of the lot. So we gave Mike the singer guy a call in sunny Bury to see what’s up.

VICE: Hello Mike, how is the Bury scene these days?
Mike Whittaker (bass & vocals): Shit.

Nothing good happening in Bury St Edmunds at all?
Mike: No.

Is that why you tour so much?
Mike: Partly. Playing is fun and you get to get away. We are playing Valencia with the Mummies next month. That’s better than day jobs in Bury. Thee Vicars brings in some extra money but some aren’t being as generous with the donation plate…

Hang on, isn’t your guitar player 16? Shouldn’t he be doing his GCSE’s or something?
Mike: Yeah I’m the old one. Jasper (Kemp) who plays the drums is 17 but Marcus (Volkert, guitars) and Rueben (Kemp, giutars) are both 16.

You dress a bit too snazzily to be actual Vicars. If you had to choose a religion to belong to what would you go for?
Mike: Probably 5%er.

Like the RZA?
Mike: Yeah, he’s good at chess as well. I like chess.

Shadows Of Knight

Thee Vicars third 7” “…let us play” is available now on Dire Records.

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