Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Gyratory System
New Harmoony
Angular Recordings

8 Another helping of Coltrane does Neubaten whilst wearing a creepy Aphex Twin mask from this bonkers London based trio. Allegedly the band’s mainstay, producer and trumpeter “Dr” Andrew Blick, is a constitutional historian who used to work at No. 10 while he wasn’t cutting records with everyone from Damo Suzuki to Grooverider. If you’ve never heard Gyratory System before that should give you some idea of what’s in store.

Brandenburg Kate

Crystal Stilts
In Love With Oblivion
Fortuna POP!

7 Crystal Stilts seem to be able to whack out shimmering, lo-fi post-punk gems on demand. That they manage this while somehow effortlessly cramming whistle-along hooks into the mix makes them the Stock, Aitken & Waterman of Brooklyn slacker pop for my money.

Jill Dando

Parts & Labour
Constant Future

8 If I was in a band that every single journalist in the world felt compelled to describe as “difficult” or “challenging” I’d make a whole record that sounded like Will.i.AM autotuning Cheryl Cole in a vocoder warehouse just to get a rise. This isn’t quite that but it’s about as compellingly accessible as Parts & Labour have sounded thus far.

Hadley Wood

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