Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Pruoro Instinct
ND @ 501

The Kaplan sisters may have traded in their former Pearl Harbour moniker but they have lost none of their effortlessly melodic ability to put a tune together while picking up a six piece band along the way.
Lead vocalist Piper had a conscientiously hip crowd eating out of the palm of her hand with a sassily energetic and reverb drenched display of showomanship redolent of a coquettish, young Debbie Harry.
Anchored by a faultless rhythm section younger sister Skylar (who’s all of sixteen) effortlessly poured out myriad snaking guitar lines simultaneously calling to mind McGuinn and Marr while providing each number with a lilting, escalating energy which has a habit of spilling in to moments of sheer, ecstatic joy not seen since the wiry psychedelic freakouts of Brian Jonestown Massacre at their best.
Puro Instinct’s debut LP proclaims them to be Headbangers in Ecstasy. As potential summer anthem “Stilyagi” rang out we couldn’t have put it better if we tried.

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