Wednesday, 11 June 2008

i-D May Reviews

Two reviews for i-D that I wrote in May that both have animals in their band names. Wow.

Free Kitten
Ecstatic Peace!

If you are in a band called Sonic Youth any side project would usually be taken as a vanity concern. If you are called Kim Gordon and your side project involves Yoshimi from the Boredoms, Pussy Galore’s Julie Cafritz, Mark Ibold from some band called Pavement and you’ve just released your fourth consecutively brilliant album then the guys in your ‘other’ band should start to worry.

Fleet Foxes i-D Review

Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes
Bella Union

Dripping with an authentic rootsyness and packed with lush vocal melodies, harmonies and banjo led arrangements this one ably vaults the hype to establish itself as a major concern. The lost link between Palace era Will Oldham, the best bits of Sufjan and Yeasayer’s reimagining of just how good a bunch of guys singing at once can be.

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