Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Millenial Reign

Press Release that I co-authored with Andy Capper about Damian from Fucked Up's new project Millenial Reign. All the recollections are Andy's.

Millennial Reign- Bones, Dust, Nothing EP

‘Bones, Dust, Nothing’ by Millennial Reign is one of the most brutal hardcore records you will hear in a long time. Guaranteed. It harks back to the glorious, crushing days of Clevo hardcore that trod the fine line of sounding like metal played by punks or punk played by metalheads. Think Ringworm, Confront, Die Hard and above all Integrity: the band that directly caused Millenial Reign to come into being.

The band was formed by Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham and No Warning’s Jordan Posner as a way of making flesh their teenage Integrity fantasies and exult the work of Dwid Van Hellion to the ears, hearts and souls of a new generation of children, some of whom remain bizarrely unaware of the existence of one of the greatest bands to exist in hardcore or in music.

I remember singing along to Integrity songs in my kitchen in London with Damian a few months back. We were arguing about the five best hardcore vocalists of all time and the only one two we agreed on were Brannon and Dwid. We played our favourite Integ songs to each other for hours, miming and trying to sing like Dwid. It was extremely gay but also one of funnest nights of the year so far. Some of the ideas behind the vocal lines on this seven-inch came from that night, but most came from Damian working with Jordan and producer Greg Dawson.

‘Bones, Dust, Nothing’ is the first chapter in Millennial Reign’s recorded legacy and takes the Integrity template of crushing riffs, blasting drums and apocalypse obsessed vocals with an added Maiden and Cro Mags obsession to create a new, fearful tomorrow for right now. The EP was recorded by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios with Jesse Labowitz (ex-No Warning) on drums and Chris Colohan from the Cursed guesting on vocals. It contains four raging, behemoths that will slay every other seven inch you hear this year. What you hold in your hand here is the first episode of what promises to be a very bloody and brutal reign. A Millennial Reign, you motherfuckers.

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