Wednesday, 10 December 2008

NME 'Track Of The Year' Piece

Here is something I wrote about the excellent Heartbreak's anthemic "We're Back". Where have they been? Who knows.

Heartbeak- We’re Back- Lex

The capital’s ongoing romance with the gooeyest of dance genres may have reached fever pitch this year but it was hard to shake the feeling that the Italo resurgence lacked a contemporary act to convey the live element so integral to some of Italo’s defining moments. It took the appearance of Heartbreak to answer the balearic baying for live Italo. As obsessed with stadium metal as they are with Grant Miller, Ali Renault and Sebastian Muravchik’s over the top performance and synth-stab perfect approximation of Italo’s excess has been labeled by some as pastiche. More fool the naysayers; despite the awful suits and worse haircuts one listen to the pair’s debut single, ‘We’re Back’, tells you all you need to know: if you sleep on the duo’s Moroder having a coke binge in Rimini synths and metallic menace of you’ll officially be missing out on the most fun you could have had all year.

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