Thursday, 6 November 2008

Vice Interview: The Muslims

Here is an interview with the indie rock band The Muslims for Vice v6n11.


The Muslims Don’t Like Talking But They Do Like Shooting

The Muslims are so in demand right now that this interview almost didn’t happen. When we contacted the band for a chat they were in the middle of playing 67 shows a day at CMJ where all the A&R guys were probably sinking their fangs in at every possible free moment attempting leach that inexplicable and fleeting aura known only as “buzz” from their weary bones. Poor guys. Somehow Matty, the bands guitar player, found five minutes to rapid fire answer some IM questions. He was brief but to the point so we didn’t mind. The bands tight take on garage owes as much to the Modern Lovers or The Velvet Undergound as it does to The Flying Medallions and it’s as infectious as hell. You might not have heard or even heard of The Muslims yet. But you will. And soon.

Vice: Why are there holes in my copy of your 12”?
Matty McLoughlin (guitar): Each sleeve was shot with a .22 by an ex-New York City policeman.

So they are bullet holes?

Are any of you actually Muslims?
None of us are religious.

On a scale of one to really fucking pissed off how much does the last question annoy you?
It doesn't bother us. It's just a stupid question.

Does San Diego have an inferiority complex about being so close to LA? Everyone is talking about that place again like it’s New York in ’77 or something
No. San Diego holds its own. LA has its own thing and it is just a bigger place. More people live there which means more bands. Simple.

You play a hell of a lot of shows. Tell us a “Get In The Van” story.
Once, while driving through Arizona we were stopped by the Border Patrol and locked in a paddy wagon as they tried to convince us we had drugs in the van. We didn’t so they let us go but the drug dog ate Dave's burrito as they searched the van. He was pissed.

How does it feel being a buzz band? Is it deafening like tinnitus or barely noticeable?
We haven’t really noticed. We've played on some good shows because of it though.

My favourite song on the record is that track “Americans” but I have this weird thing where I blank out lyrics as soon as I hear them and just remember the sound the words make but not the words. What is it about?
"Americans" is about anglophiles in the States.

This is the Drawing Issue. Whose scribbles do you admire most?
Rick Froberg is probably my favorite illustrator but an old good one is Egon Schiele. Check him out.

Jimmy Jam Jar

The Muslims ‘Walking With Jesus’/’Parasites’ 7” on I Hate Rock N Roll Records is forthcoming.

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