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Vice Interview: Geoffrey Oi!Cott

An interview with cricket themed Oi! dudes Geoffrey Oi!Cott for Vice Magazine. Piers Martin did a great edit of this which made it far funnier but here is my original.

Geoffrey Oi!cott

We reviewed Geoffrey Oi!cott’s debut LP The Good, The Bad & The Googly last month and since then we’ve had trouble listening to anything else. Come on, what is not to love here? Genuine Oi! played with utter conviction by four fat, old Yorkshiremen calling themselves W.C. disGrace, Freddy Skintoft, Spike Gatting and Devon Malcolm McClaren Add to this the lyrics which cover such universal topics as the spouses of the bands favourite darts players (‘Darts Players Wives’), northern pride (‘Welcome To Yorkshire’), girls (‘Dawn Of The Dickie Birds’), the spirit of Oi! itself (‘Oi!Oi!Oi!Oi!’) and of course cricket (‘LBW’, ‘Get Padded Up Mate’) and you are basically looking at one of those rare things: a mini modern classic. Sure the Oi!Cott will be forgotten by many, perhaps even the majority, of the people in the world but for the lucky, chosen few whose lives this special record will touch the band shall live on by word of mouth and their legacy shall endure forever amongst those who like Oi!, beer, buxom ladies and the noble sports of darts and cricket. Ladies and Gentleman, we present The Oi!Cott, long may they rein!

VICE: Ok, you are all really old and have been smelly punks all your lives so I’m not even going to ask you what bands you all used to play in as it will probably end up taking a whole page and no one will really give a shit. Let’s get straight into clothes as this is The Fashion Issue and all. You are all boots and braces and flatcaps right now. Is this the look you usually rock or are you just trying to impress the youths?
W.C disGrace (bass): Nah cock, what you see is what you get.
Spike Gatting (drums): We all dress like this, at work, down the boozer, whatever. We’ve all dressed like this years. I guess you could call it a skinhead look but whatever.

How about onstage?
Freddy Skintoft (vocals): I’ll wear the full whites onstage. Get the sun hat out. Get the pads on occasionally. I also accessorise the stage with a few bits and bobs. Bat to do a bit of air guitar with, stumps, couple of placards for sixes and fours.

Sounds good, getting people in the cricket mood. How about the rest of you? Too scared to rock the whites?
Devon Malcolm McLaren (guitar): We dress up as birds quite often actually.
Spike Gatting: Yeah, we won’t do the whites but gives us a dress and high heels? No bother son.

Who is your favourite darts players’ wife?
Freddy Skintoft: Probably Scotty Waites’s missus. He’s the Yorkshire captain though, we sort of know him. So don’t print that. The darts is great to watch though. We’ve got some Geoffrey Oi!Cott flights done for the merch.

Have you played a cricket ground yet?
W.C disgrace: Not yet. We’re waiting for the invitation. We’re not sure who we cater for really an Oi! crowd or a cricket crowd. I’m not sure the Oi! guys take us seriously.
Freddy Skintoft: I dunno, in Belgium the singer from Argy Bargy came up and said he loved the record. That was pretty strange.

Jam ‘69

Geoffrey Oi!Cott’s The Good, The Bad & The Googly is available now on X Fist/Boss Tunage Records

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