Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Psychedelic Horseshit Interview

Psychedelic Horseshit are the best band I have listened to in 2008. I actually heard them in 2007 but only listened to them this year.

Psychedelic Horseshit

You may recall us going on about Times New Viking the other month. TNV are a great outfit who, if the world is a just place, will reap major rewards this year and get massive crowds swaying to their wall of weird, lo fi rock and roll that hides tiny nuggets of pop swaddled away in its psychedelic fuzz. If the world were an even more just place then just twice as many people will be going nuts to the band billed as Siltbreeze Records Stooges to Times New Vikings MC5.

Psychedelic Horseshit coined the turn ‘shitgaze’, formed on a whim at a party and made up their name on the spot because it was the first thing that sprang to mind. Theirs is an unrefined, unpredictable and chaotic mess of sound which leaps in your face like a drunk old guy at the bar demanding change and won’t leave you alone until you’ve kicked it in the balls until it can’t move anymore. They have been chased off stage in more states than seem possible in their short existence but all the tour stories wouldn’t be worth an eighth of a shit if the music wasn’t the most heart poundingly great racket since that My Bloody Valentine covers record Comets On Fire never made.

VICE: Having formed on the spot had any of you had any experience in bands prior to Psychedelic Horseshit?
Matt Horseshit (guitar, vox & ‘shit’): First up that story about forming one night is totally true, only there was way more weed and babes involved at the time than in the re-tellings I keep reading here and there. But nah we were never in any other bands. We didn't know that there were any other bands. We thought it was just us and the Royal Trux.

How much of your show is improvised? There is a real sense of the unpredictable about you live stuff.
We have songs but they rarely get played the same way twice. Not because we're super awesome and like to improvise but because we really suck and can't play the same way every time.

What colour would a psychedelic horseshit be?
It depends on the drugs you are on and whether you are shitgazing or not. If you are then it'd be changing all the time like David Bowie. If not, then you can't see it anyway. Why would anyone be paying attention to the shit on the ground though? That said we usually take acid to make our shit psychedelic but I suppose drinking cough syrup would work just as well.

How do you feel about the growth of ‘shitgaze’ into a recognized movement?
Ah shitgaze. A movement after my own heart. That came from my sick obsession with My Bloody Valentine and our shite efforts at shoegazing. Shitgaze is gonna take over the world, haven't you heard? That new MBV album will have a sheen of shit glossed all over it and then everyone will forget about shoes forever. We're coming to get you.


Psychedelic Horseshit’s debut LP Magic Flowers Droned is available now on Siltbreeze.

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