Tuesday, 8 January 2008

November i-D Reviews

A couple of reviews I did for i-D no idea if they will run. Maybe. Maybe not.

i-D November Reviews

You Are This
Upset The Rhythm

Former agit post-punk party-starters Numbers appear to have achieved a higher state of grace and enlightenment on this, their fourth outing which this time around finds them on pristine London-based indie Upset The Rhythm. Gone are the San Franciscans raucous build ‘em up and fall apart late night party jams and instead 13 woozy, layered, rhythmic pieces serenely seep out of the speakers like a continuous perfect, painless hangover.


Haunted by the ghosts of early 90’s rave, Reinforced-era jungle and pre-millenial dread swung 2 step, Burial’s second builds on his astounding debut. While much is made of Dubstep being an aural reflection of the dislocated urban experience it is in Burial’s whispered hiss, fuzz and crackle and between his El-B indebted snares that any claim to lasting significance can be made. Who cares who the guy is if the record sounds this good?

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