Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Lee Hazelwood Obituary

A little Obit I wrote for the Vice Blog online.

Lee Hazelwood- Didn’t He Ramble

While we were all having too much fun at Tales Of The Jackalope on Saturday Lee Hazelwood died. This is pretty sad. Lee was the guy who wrote “These Boots Are Made For Walking” for Nancy Sinatra as well as hits for Duane Eddy and Dean Martin. He also ran LHI, the label that invented country-rock with the early International Submarine Band records. His solo albums are like little pieces of pop treasure that were re-issued in the 90’s by Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth and his songs have been covered by everyone from Nick Cave to Megadeth. Having suffered from terminal renal cancer for over a year Hazelwood decided to call his 2006 final album “Cake or Death” before going for what he described as “my big dirt nap”. Goodbye Lee.

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